June 8, 2016

Visiting the Andalusian capital: Seville

By macu In Andalusia, Europe

Andalusia, formerly known as Al-Andalus, was under Islamic rule for nearly eight centuries. Seville was the capital of the the most cultured and economically advanced region in Europe, leaving a legacy of beautiful palaces, mosques, gardens, bathhouses… today mixed with Christian cathedrals and modern streets.

Sevillanos are proud of their bitter oranges – they make an excellent jam. Also, vino con naranja (wine mixed with orange) is a must-try. Head to Mateo Gagos, next to the cathedral, to get a vino and some tapas.

Spanish ships full of gold just stolen in America used to arrive to Seville through the Guadalquivir river. The Catholic Monarchs chose this location because a port in a river is always more difficult to attack.

Seville gets extremely hot during the summer so it’s better to visit on Spring. Feria de Abril and Easter holidays are full of picturesque events.

Finally, check out this Star Wars video after your visit to Plaza de España.

Places I liked:

  • Bodega El pica is a tiny bar to have a quick but excellent coffee.
  • Red House Art &Food looks like a Berlin coffee shop but it’s a nice place to get a drink and work a few hours.
  • Alameda de hércules is a big square full of restaurants and alternative bars. Good music every day of the week. El Corto Maltes is a good rock bar.
  • Taberna Antonio Peregil is a bit pricey but they have the best orange wine and tapas I tried.


Fátima (Seville)



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