November 29, 2016

Maximón (Guatemala)

By macu In Macu and friends

During my trip in Guatemala I had the pleasure to make a new interesting and eclectic friend. Maximón is very popular among Mayans. Every time they visit him, they pay their respect by offering him alcohol, money and lit cigarettes that they place in a ash tray in front of the statue or directly in his mouth. I do not have a picture with him to respect his figure.

Legend says that while the village men were off working in the fields, Maximón slept with all of their wives. When they returned, they became so enraged they cut off his arms and legs. Following this, he somehow became a god, or perhaps prior to this he had been possessed by the god (Wikipedia source). 

For occidentals, it is very interesting seeing such a character, dressed like a gangster, whose offers are entertainment goods. If you go to the Mayan area, look for him! it is a very interesting experience!





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