October 2, 2016

Hana Lucía (Guatemala)

By macu In Macu and friends

One of the best thing of traveling is making friends in unexpected moments. One day I decided to go for  what was going to be a quick breakfast. I met Hana and ended up spending hours at the bar. It was the first time she was chatting to a backpacker monkey so there were a lot of experiences to share.

Hana is a musician, born in Guatemala but grown up in the States, where she was living with her dad. She has not had an easy life. When she was a teenager, she tried to take her life out. Fortunately, she has now learnt you need to forgive and then love yourself to enjoy life, as she does!

It is also possible to change your life. Hana Lucía decided to move back to Guatemala to find her mum but, on arrival to her hometown, she learnt she was killed on a bus assault. Still, her favourite sentence is “Hacuna matata” (no worries!). She kept saying she felt like I, Capitán Macuto, came from another planet but still we found a way to connect. A proof, she thinks, there are too many borders in this world.

Thanks Hana for such a nice conversation and, most of all, improvising the first Macu song! Check it out:




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