May 24, 2016

Exploring Spanish volcanic islands: Tenerife

By macu In Europe, Tenerife

The Canary islands are part of Spain but are located very far away, north west of Africa. Don’t panic when you land in Tenerife, thinking you have taken the wrong flight! This island has the same flag as Scotland and some areas get the same shitty weather! Make your research before traveling but there is nothing to worry about, the southern part of the island is sunny all year long.


Macu learnt in Tenerife black sand beaches are common in volcanic islands.

Macu learnt volcanic islands have black sand beaches

Garachico used to be the main port of the island. The problem of living next to a volcano is that an eruption can fairly change your life. After the big eruption of 1706, Garachico is a quiet, small town. Its natural rock pools are beautiful and good fun to swim and explore.

When visiting Tenerife you can combine nice beaches with trekking routes. The mount Teide 3,718 metre (12,198 ft) summit is the highest point in Spain. Its elevation and lava flows create amazing landscapes and unique flora and fauna.

Panoramic view of the Teide


Tenerife is a unique place but it made me feel like at home!

Macu found his casa

Some places I liked:

  • Café 7 (La Laguna) is a beautiful coffee place with a garden and good wifi. Perfect to work in the morning but they also organise music events a few nights a week.
  • Café El Secreto (Puerto de la Cruz) was a nice place with a good wifi connection and get free tapa with your beer in the evening. Perfect to write post about traveling monkeys.
  • Bar Los Castillos (La Orotava) served the best traditional canarian food I tried. It is also a cheap, small family business.

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