August 16, 2016

Colonial cities in Mexico

By macu In America, Mexico

Merida is the largest city of the state of Yucatan. When the conquistadores arrived here, they found Mayan ruins and somehow they remind them the Roman ruins of Merida, the Spanish town. So they decided to start a new city on top of the ruins. Today, it’s a busy city featuring hundreds of colonial houses, some of them better maintained than others.

My coachsurfing host, a musician born in Merida, told me his rent for a big 1-bedroom apartment was only 100 euros a month. It’s amazing how cheap these places are for locals.

Campeche is a less touristic, more relaxed and much better preserved colonial town. The historic centre is nicely iluminated at night.

What I liked:

  • La Chaya Maya – Merida is a pub restaurant in the city centre where you can enjoy local live music while drinking your beer;
  • La Parroquia – Campeche: it’s hard to believe such a quiet place has a 24 hour restaurant. Food is nice and prices are fair.



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