June 28, 2016

Budget and itinerary to backpack Andalusia for two weeks

By macu In Andalusia, Europe

Andalusia was under Islamic rule for nearly eight centuries. It was the most cultured and economically advanced region in Europe, leaving a legacy of beautiful palaces, mosques, gardens, bathhouses… Sadly, those days are gone and the current unemployment rate is almost 30%.

How much?

My monkey partner and I were alternating cheap airbnb apartments with private bedrooms at backpacker hostels. We were cooking some of the days but going to cheap tapas restaurants and drinking cañas (small beers) almost every night. Travelling by train, we were always making sure to stay in the city centre to avoid taking any taxis. These were the costs per person per day:

  • Accommodation: 22.50 euros.
  • Food: 9.86 euros.
  • Coffees and beers: 4.62 euros.
  • Tickets for cultural visits: 4.36 euros.
  • Transport: 3.25 euros. We were very lucky to get a voucher for 25% discount on trains.
  • Total: 44.63 euros a day. Or 625 euros for two brilliant weeks in Andalusia.

Backpacking Andalusia for two weeks - budget breakdown

Seville and Malaga have big airports so it is easy to find a low-cost company flying there. All the Andalusian cities are connected by fast and comfortable trains so that’s the best way to travel. If you want to save some money, buses are cheaper but will take a bit longer.

  1. Seville
  2. Cordoba
  3. Granada
  4. Ronda and Setenil
  5. Malaga. If you don’t have time for all the cities, Malaga is not as nice as the other Andalusian cities.




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